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Alpine breakfast

Start your day with the freshest local ingredients delivered straight to your door!


Each breakfast basket contains:

  • ​Selected cut

  • Fresh homemade bread

  • Fresh bread pastry

  • Butter

  • Marmalade

  • Granola

  • Yogurt (plain and fruit)

  • Fruit drink

You choose the content of the cold cuts yourself:

  • Delicious Triglav - Meat cut​​

  • Bohinj's pleasure - Raw plate

  • Sava sensation - Fish cutlet


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"Don't hesitate -  best way to breakfast!”

Beautifully presented, sustainably sourced and packaged - and best of all, a truly wonderful tasting breakfast delivered directly to our Airbnb holiday house. We only planned on treating ourselves once but couldn't resist ordering again for the next day too! 

“Fantastic breakfast with local ingredients”

Ordered this breakfast at the place we were staying and it was by far the best breakfast we had during our three weeks of traveling. Local products in inviting and eco-friendly packaging with tempting flavors. We ordered two baskets for 2 adults and 2 teenagers and there was plenty of food. Especially loved the raspberry yogurt and granola. Fast response to questions, timely delivery and pick up of recyclables. Loved it and would definitely order it again and recommend it!

This was the best breakfast that we ever had on any of our trips! It was so delicious and it really had a homemade taste! We especially liked yogurt which was so light and strawberry jam which was packed with flavours! And extra star for reusable packaging!
p.s. the cheese is to die for! 🤩

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